The Arunachal Pradesh Lokayukta is brought into existence to play a very vital role in containing corruption committed by the public functionaries since corruption has been a big issue that has troubling the country for last couple of decades. It is believed that if the corruption committed by the public functionaries is not adequately addressed urgently, the existence of the society may be at a huge stake sooner than later.

One cannot deny the fact that steep rise in the incidences of corruption can basically be attributed to indifferent and uncaring attitude of common people towards the corruption. Thus, a necessity has been felt of a robust legislation having enough teeth to contain the corruption from the society drastically and thus, a strong institution in the form of the Lokayukta is constituted under the Arunachal Pradesh Lokayukta Act, 2014 which is expected to address adequately the evil of corruption.

Since the Lokayukta is peoples’ prosecutor having power to inquire/ investigate the allegations of corruption committed by public functionaries, high and low, it is genuinely believed that it would be of great help to people who sincerely want to remove the various maladies, which have crippled the country, including the corruption, from the society once for all.

The Lokayukta having launched its own Website tries to furnish all the important information regarding various aspects of it including its functioning to various stakeholders under the Act of 2014 so as to make the Act, 2014 as effective as possible. But the Lokayukta is still open to any valuable suggestion from the public that may ultimately make this institution actually a crusader of corruption.